Backup System


Dear Manager,
can you change about backup system, i hope we can backup and restore the data without making new Company Data in manager. I wish we can just restore the data into specific Company we make before, i mean its just to update the data to it. Thanks for your attention… Greeting From Indonesia.


@ahmadsetioaji, there is no need to create a new company when restoring data. All the company’s data and information is contained in your backup file.

Can you describe the problem you are having in more detail?


for the example, i employee in my company and the sub company placed in another island ( In Indonesia have much island) and i order to my employee to send the backup from their data. When i get the backup a add it into Manager, it will be make a new Company Name in Manager. And for the latest month i order again to them to send it, and i want to update the existing data their send before. Now in Manager when i import from that backup it will make another account again, i hope Manager just to update the data not making new account with latest data. Thanks


Now I believe I understand. The problem is that Manager considers the data file (or the backup file) to be a complete record of the history of the company. So if you import the entire file, you are duplicating things already there.

If you have multiple locations, I suggest you consider the cloud version of the program, which allows multiple users from many locations.