Incremental Backup

We are using Cloud Edition and used to take full back-up on regular intervals.

As our database grow, we would like to find the options of incremental backup.

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You can make a backup whenever you want. I don’t know what you mean by “incremental backup.” But you cannot back up just part of your database, although you can exclude emails, attachments, and history.

Why is this important? A backup takes only seconds.

The difference between last and current back-up.

Attachments etc can be updated. We keep improving the use of Manager and trying to opt all efficient ways. Therefore, we need to change our steps / process as well and it is critical to have certain back-up in order to valid the implication of change.

This would be a useless file with no accounting meaning. All transactions would be lacking in any context.

Yes, they can. And a full backup will include any updated versions of attachments, as well as the ability to revert to older versions. Your suggestion of an incremental backup would sacrifice that capability.

You can change your processes with or without backups. But having what you call an incremental backup would make it impossible to evaluate changes, because the incremental backup would a meaningless file, as I already wrote. The way to evaluate process changes is to create a test business with an imported backup of your actual business data file.

Incremental backups are often available for large Database systems.

I do not think it is appropriate for Manager but that is a call for lubos.

You need to be meticulous in storing and managing the incremental backups and be able to apply them in the right sequence if a recovery is required. I suspect that this is beyond the capabilities of most of the users of Manager - even the current backup system is not used correctly by all of them

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