Suggestion for sales invoices


I am using your software ‘Manager’ in my retail outlet of auto spare parts.
it is good for record keeping and sale.

But in Sale Invoice page there is an important update required…

In sale invoice page if the customer is already exists then it show the suggestion after enter 2,3 characters which is perfect.

But if customer does not already exist then there should be an add customer option tab on same page.

For Example:

Now if a customer came to store and we feel that he is a repeating customer then we click on sale invoice and put his name/phone no but no suggestion, its mean that this is a
new customer, Then we must leave this page and go to customer tab to add him as a new customer, then again will go to sale invoice and search the newly added customer to create sale invoice.

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Read this topic - same principles apply for Customers

Thank you very Much dear it is working good.