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Hi! I have a lot of walk-in customers, and I’d like to suggest if we can have an “Add New Customer” option on the invoices automatically? Sometimes I had already made the invoice, but I forgot to enter the New Customer’s details in the Customer Category Tab, hence I’d have to type everything on the invoice all over again.


This has already been proposed dozens of times. There are many forum topics about opening additional Manager windows.

Option 1

  • Right click on the customer tab and choose open in a new tab

  • Enter the new customer

  • Return to the invoice tab and hopefully you can then select the customer you just entered

Option 2

  • Enter a generic Walk in customer

  • If you find new customer has not been entered, select the generic customer

  • If desired then go to customer tab to enter specific customer

  • return to the invoice and update the customer field by selecting the specific customer

For discussion on program changes see this idea New Customer - Lookup Feature

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