Can we add new customers directly from new invoice

Every time I have to issue a sales invoice to a new customer I have to add him first in the customer list . Can I add the customer directly while issuing the invoice


Currently that feature is not available, you have to add them to the customer list first.

It would save a lot of time if you can go to new invoice, enter the adress and then select a box or something which makes it possible to create a new customer with the details entered.


I have a similar problem with most of my sales being “one off” customers so if you have a similar situation, you could try setting up a new account ,
I’ve set up a “Cash Sale” (but is could be called something like “miscellaneous” or something more appropriate) and then simply add address and contact details to the address box on the sales invoice.

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I originally thought this was a problem too, coming from an MYOB background.

However, I recently had to look back at my customer list in MYOB and realised that I had multiple versions of the same customer, partly because this feature was available with MYOB. Partly because I was a bit untidy with naming format.

When I got used to Manager I realised this inability to create new customer from the invoice was a good way to keep down duplicates. My current procedure: search for customer: a. if exists then to sales invoice to generate the invoice for order. b. if not, then copy customer name and paste as new customer, complete associated info and open new sales invoice.

Process is actually quite fast. and makes data a lot more pure.

NB If customer is known to me (ie regular) I go straight to sales invoice.

Hope this helps.


In that case @colrodrick why don’t we consider turning the question around. Creating a new invoice from within the customer view, I suggest button at the top, instead of creating a new customer from the sales invoice view.

Then you can have both options available. 1. Creating sales invoice from customer, and 2. Creating sales invoice from the tab Sales invoices.

Just a thought.


I think that is an idea with a lot of merit, especially for users who have a lot of new customers placing orders. Anything that reduces keystrokes for staff keying in orders is improved efficiency- something we all strive for. I do know that Lubos and the team are working hard on core accounting functions and this probably isn’t the highest priority (but I’m just a user what would I know) for Manager.

Having seen how Lubos works, such a facility would probably become a drop down, so that a user could select other functions straight from the customer field as well. Off the top of my head, I can’t think of what those might be, but there could well be others, such as Tracking Code. I would envisage the additions to a drop down would be driven by customer demand.

Anyway, all I’m saying here is that rather than hard coding the new invoice creation link (which would default the associated customer detail as it is currently done from within new sales invoice), it would be better to leave some flexibility for the development path…

or rather if you can set a button on the sales / purchase invoice like: eg “Add New Customer / Supplier”. this will become very easy for adding new records.

If you really need to create a customer on the fly, then try this. If you are using the cloud or server editions, then leave your invoice open in one browser tab, while you add the new customer in another tab, then return to the invoice and select your new customer from the drop-down. If you are using the desktop edition, first drag any Manager tab into your browser window and then proceed as above.

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This is a fantastic tip. I had no idea it was possible, but it solves a lot of my frustrations with Manager after migrating from Quickbooks.

I still wish adding new customers/vendors/accounts/products was as easy as in Quickbooks, where if the item doesn’t exist, you’re asked if you want to create it, but knowing I can create tabs opens up my workflow considerably.


This has been discussed many times in the forum. You should search before starting new topics. It has also been covered in the newsletter. You should subscribe if you have not yet.

I didn’t start a new topic. I replied to an old one to thank the user for his solution.

I meant it was new for you. The topic was 4 years old, with the last post in the thread almost 2 years ago. Meanwhile, the subject has been raised more than a dozen times. So it seemed you might have just stumbled across this thread accidentally. No offense was meant; I was only offering advice on effective forum use.

I’m not offended. I was just confused by your response. Your exact words were that I “should search before starting new topics.” I did search, and I found this one. It had the solution to the problem in it. Most of the other posts said “You can’t do that in Manager” or offered vague advice about creating a new window without saying how. This was the topic that had the actual solution in it.

You also said that the question had been addressed in previous newsletters. I am new to Manager and I have signed up for the newsletter, but I see no way of finding and searching old newsletters. No offense, but this advice is not useful to new users.

IMO, effective forum use is raising the profile of posts that contain a solution to a common problem.

Effective forum use is also providing thanks to those who offer helpful advice.

Further to that, given that the topic has been raised dozens of times over a period of many years, I wonder if there’s any plan to add the feature? Clearly it would be appreciated by many users.


There currently is no way to get back copies of the newsletter. But many users of Manager don’t show up on the forum for a long time. So for all I knew, you could have been subscribing but only recently posted your first time on the forum.

That is up to the developer. I’m just a forum moderator, another user. I have no knowledge about development plans except what I read here on the forum.