How to create inventory while creating Purchase order

I was creating 1 purchase order but the inventory for new item was not creted earlier. could you please share the short cut for creating new inventory directly from Purchase order.

Please read the Guides.

Inventory is added to using Purchase Invoices or Goods Receipts not Purchase Order.

A Purchase Order is just a note with information about future purchases and does not effect any accounts

There is no short cut, you first need to create the Item in the Inventory Items tab.

If your computer has a Windows operating system (not available on Macs) then you can add “items” on the fly in the Desktop Edition.

For example, if you want to add a new inventory item while being in another tab, such as Purchase Order, then point at the Inventory Item tab, right click and select Open in new window, the window opens with the Inventory Item tab displayed. Create the Inventory Item, then click back on the Manager programme and the Inventory item will be available for selection.

You can do a similar thing on Macs by clicking and dragging the Inventory Items tab itself to another browser window or tab. So you can actually have several Manager windows open at once.