Suggestion for change on entering customers

hello Lubos,

i have one challenge when i want to issue any of the following : sales quote,sales orders and sales invoice.

this is because sometimes non regular or one-off customers may want any of the these documents but the system always requires that you add every customer to the customers list before it will allow you to raise any of the documents mentioned above.

kindly set it such that both credit , regular and cash purchase customer’s name can be entered straight away.

or the system should allow you to straightaway add new customers to customers list in the process of issuing say new invoice etc. instead of taking a long process of abandoning the invoice form and selecting customers form to add your customer before coming back to issue your invoice.

thank you so much.

@samyacquah, please do not hijack topics for unrelated questions. This post had nothing to do with the topic where you posted it, so I moved it to a new topic, where it might get some response.

Yeah a short cut must be on the voucher generation screens to quickly create the appropriate contacts and items.


A short cut for new employee on payslips creation page.

A short cut for customers on sales invoices, orders, and credit notes voucher creation page.

A short cut for suppliers for debits notes, purchase orders and invoices and debit note.

A short cut for new item when selecting items.

A short cut to create an Account.

It could be placed as the first item on the drop down list from where you select the contact or items e.g. Add New Customer , or a button by the feild which when clicked will jump the user to the creation page. So the user when done will then click the back button to return the invoice or whatever page and select their created contact or item.

But this also came in mind. What if I don’t want my workers to be able to create customers so I gave them access to sales invoice but not to the Customers tab?

This can be controlled by giving permission or not to Quick Item and Contact Creation. Under User Permissions

@lubos what say you?

If you are using the Cloud edition, these can be achieved by opening a new window - do the creation and then switch back to complete the transaction.
Not sure, but may also be possible with Server edition - but definitely not with the Desktop edition.