Sales Invoice Creation (Suggestions)

Dear Team,

  1. If i need to see the purchase price or available inventory while creating a sales invoice, i have to click on inventory. Is it possible that I can see the same on invoice template in hard coated form.
  2. Is it possible that when I open Sales Invoice a default customer is automatically selected, mostly I have walking customers. If I go to select the customer from customer list, it took time.
  3. The next line in sales invoice should automatically be created to avoid time
  4. The use of mouse should be minimum while creating invoice.



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  1. Available inventory as per your accounting system might not be the same what you really have on hand. If you purchase inventory from supplier, it will increase your quantity on hand as per accounting system but that doesn’t mean inventory has been delivered. Delivery of inventory is not an accounting transaction. However this is going to be addressed by upcoming warehousing module.
  2. Don’t use sales invoices for cash sales. Enter cash sales directly under Cash Accounts tab where you simply receive money for inventory items.
  3. Manager is not optimized for POS context. It’s a general purpose accounting system which can be used for any business. In other words, specialized POS system will always beat Manager in terms of rapid entry. So yeah, there could be marginal improvements here and there but it’s never going to be as efficient as POS which was designed for one and one purpose only.
  4. See previous point.
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