Suggestion - Autonumbering Custom Field

Dear all,

following our discussions in other topics I think that it would be great if @lubos adds a new type of custom field which should be automatically incremental like the one we find in sell invoices.


please do implement the auto numbering for custom field. it is requested because. there aren’t automatic numbering for Bank Entries, Purchase Invoice, Payslip and other transaction types that doesn’t have auto numbering

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The latest version (18.10.67) has optional reference numbers (which can be marked as automatic) across all transaction types. So I don’t consider this feature request necessary anymore as it’s served by built-in functionality.


How can this be done for a Purchase Invoice?

Why is auto-numbering for purchase invoices required? When you receive invoice from supplier, it contains reference number which you should enter instead of being auto-generated.


@lubos For example because in Italy is compulsory to have a progressive register of the purchase invoice with an internal protocol. It would be very useful on my side.

I write the number on the (paper) invoice before archive it in that order so i don’t have to search on date or invoice number when in need it.

Auto Reference No is required. it is said many times that Supplier Ref No is OK. we are having problem in archiving the purchase invoice. on what basis we should file the invoices. and it has been raised by our external audit last year when he want to take the sample. he need our ref no to select the purchase invoices between these system ref no.

it almost all the tabs now have a system reference no except Purchase Invoice.

having this feature will help us in archiving the purchase invoice as per our system no Not Supplier No

in case you see this is not important to implement please let us have auto numbering in customs field as per your positive reply in the shared link

your support in this matter highly appreciated.

The latest version (18.10.70) adds ability to have automatic reference numbers on purchase invoices, debit notes and sales orders.

Hi @lubos, i guess it would be better to use a custom field with a automatic number possibility. Now you have a sort of reference field combined with the invoice number. That doesn’t enhance clarity.

Thanks. It works like a charm.

Thanks for your implementing the auto numbering for Purchase Invoice. currently we have only one option either to use the auto numbering or Supplier Invoice No. it is requested to have the customs field so we have both system auto numbering and Supplier Ref No.

It would be great if we have a new built in field for Autonumbering. and keep the Supplier Invoice No as it is. to have the possibility to start the numbering from 1. now most of the user will have issue with autonumbeing. the reason is every supplier has his own numbering system.

looking forward to have a built in supplier Ref No. or we should have the option to show a custom Number Field in the Accounts Payable Reports

it would be appreciated if you could assist us how can we have both of these Ref

Thanks for your support

The only solution I see it now is to put the supplier ref number in the description together with the textual description

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Why not put the supplier reference in a custom field instead of in the reference field?

Automatic reference numbers don’t suit custom fields.

Therefore, if you want to have automatic reference numbers on purchase invoices, then use built-in reference functionality and if you want to record supplier invoice no. too, then create extra custom field as @Tut has suggested.


Because I need it, together with my progressive protocol, in most of the reports, mainly in the vat report. It is a requirement by law to have both of them in this report.

I support @Davide comment that supplier ref no is a must required field in the VAT by VAT authority. As Mentioned custom field don’t show in AP reports also.

Please your support in required in this matter.

Have new system built in ref no will save us the from using long ref no to avoid the mixing of system and supplier ref


This is not according to desired/requested practice.
When I receive an invoice from my supplier, this document has an invoice number which I am expected to use when I make a payment and that’s why I want to register this number when booking this invoice. Nowadays I use the reference field for this because that is the field that shows up when I book the banktransaction of the payment. Custom fields don’t.
The best solution is the introduction of an extra input field (internal reference / document number) to register the internal reference with the option of auto-increments and use the existing reference for registering the supplier-reference (non-incrementing)


Alright. There won’t be autonumbering on custom fields but I’m open to introduce secondary reference number where it makes sense:

  • Payments & Receipts
  • Inter-account Transfers
  • Sales Orders
  • Purchase Invoices
  • Debit Notes

So these transaction types could have Internal reference and External reference (not sure about naming).


Best solution @lubos