Suggestion - Autonumbering Custom Field

the naming of external and internal is already explanatory. Hoping after @lubos done with custom report. the audit trail system to be in place and made the internal reference as part of audit reference number.

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Thank you very much

Regard the internal ref could rename to transaction no or system no in all of the form so it will be standard a in all tabs with auto numbering .

For the external reference it could be renamed to Business Partner No (BPNO) or external ref in all related tab so it will be standard

If possible please consider adding customer po on sales order and sales invoice and should be appearing in the accounts receivable reports

External reference number (together with the internal) should be exposed in the account receivable, in the vat and in the general ledger report.

Any update on this?

If I understand this correctly, the reason why this feature request has been raised originally was that it wasn’t possible to have reference numbers on all transactions. Since now it’s possible, I don’t see use-case for this feature anymore.

I would like to let you know that this future requested as additional to our business partner reference no. like in supplier now we have problem we have only only one option if we decided to use the system ref no. either to set it automatic or put the supplier ref no.

we should have two field one for Automatic System No. and the other one for Business Partner Ref No. these two should appear in all the report especially supplier report. having the same for bank and cash will help in reconciliation. since in the cash payment we don’t have option for beneficiary ref no. adding this option will help us record the cash supplier no which is required by vat authority to appear in the vat report which is not for the current time due to that we add it in the description field.

this feature is very helpful. and we requested the autonumbering as addition to the current not substitute the current.

please do consider this feature especially in bank, cash, supplier inv and where it is required to put our business partner no

looking for your positive feedback

I use the @lubos and @tut suggestion and use the purchase order invoice number as my internal number and have inserted a custom field for the suppliers invoice number. It works as I need it, One very minor change would be good though, if @lubos was able to provide the ability to change the written field title from invoice to reference. If it’s not a simple addition then I can live with it.

@PeterW59, if this change is important to you, it can be accomplished with a substitution filter in a custom theme. As is, however, the term Invoice makes clear that number is the number of the invoice itself (the internal number) rather than some external reference.

@lubos already in the below qouted statement wrote that there will be an option so we are waiting for this feature

@abdulbari perhaps there is a better way. You see, every transaction support automatic reference number. If you want secondary reference number which is to be manually entered, you can create a custom field.

The only missing piece is that your custom reference number won’t show on supplier statements. This could be solved by adding an option to custom fields (where it makes sense) to control whether custom field should be shown on statements or not.


having this option will solve our main issue. and will give us more choices to to show customs field such as customer po in SOA.

please consider adding this option also in bank reconciliation for bank reference no

thank you very much for your effort

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Please keep in mind to add custom fields also to tax codes when you will enable new custom reports.

Thanks a lot for you work

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