Auto numbering capability for custom Field

How about a custom field that has auto numbering capability. It could solve many issues, like auto numbering of payments and receive money and customer and supplier creation.
And even more


This is a great idea, because it would answer about half of outstanding feature requests.


…and populate this Custom Field to Sales Invoices templates.

But auto-numbering already happens on sales invoices. If you are referring to custom view templates, that should just be a matter of coding.

As I set before the current auto-numbering system doesn’t cover my needs.
We use at least 2 documents for invoicing, so the idea is to create e.g 3 auto-numbering custom fields and code these fields to custom templates with If statement. That will solve my problem!

When I first started using it I was hoping the Reference number on spend and receive was going to be auto-numbering so I could write the numbers on my receipts (easier to find than scrutinising each one). Fixed asset auto numbering would be good too then each of my assets could be assigned a unique number.

What is your comment on this topic too Sir @lubos

Counter type on custom fields is something I need to add. A lot of feature requests would be solved by this without adding any complexity into the system.

A custom field, auto numbering field would be useful to my business in many ways also. It is hard to keep track of service personal time sheets and job cards. Currently I use the delivery note section due to the auto numbering to be able to have the tech write on there time card, but if any one can help me rewrite the code to change DELIVERY NOTE to WORK ORDER would make my life a lot easier also.

There is a Guide on how to change form titles. However, you should not be using delivery notes as you describe. Delivery notes are records of inventory transactions.

I realise I should not be using the delivery TAB, however when the auto numbering field becomes available I would use the orders TAB and then my work flow would be amazing as I could turn this straight into an invoice and have a way of tracking my repair order from start to finish. I just find a need for the auto numbering which isn’t available in the Sales Order tab.

Guys I know this is an old Thought / Idea / Request but we will find this “Auto Numbering” very useful. Is it already possible or still in the shadows from 2016?

Use case:
We have an Internet business and each new customer needs an unique account number at the point of new customer generation. We believe a custom field which increments will satisfy the requirement.

This suggestion is so old it predates the ideas category. I have just moved it there.

If the current Customer and Supplier codes would have an Auto Numbering option this would be more elegant than having to add a custom field. Another option would be to actually show/disply the underlying user-ID which is uniquely generated for each user upon creation of the user.

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Guys can this capability in the interim be accomplished by some code in a custom field or some other means?

I seriously doubt it. While text fields accept HTML, I doubt that would include executing some type of loop.