Suggestion: Add Category Column to Inventory Items

I’m using for a business that sells lots of different inventory items. These can generally be organized into different categories such as parts, accessories and so forth.

Adding a sortable column to inventory called “category” would be extremely helpful. SKUs can then be given a category and inventory can be easily managed and sorted at a glance.

If no categories have been added to the SKUs, just don’t show the category column, just like the “pending” column on cash accounts isn’t shown when no payments are pending.

I hope this can be implemented since virtually all inventory management apps have this and it makes life so much easier when you have many different categories and hundreds or thousands of different SKUs.

Right now for example I want to see which parts I have and their quantities, but since I can’t sort my inventory based on categories I am forced to go through every single SKU at then determine whether it belongs to the category I am looking for.

You can create custom field for inventory items which can serve as category.

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Thank you! That’s a wonderful surprise and something I wasn’t aware of!