Inventory Category

This software is good, i am interested to buy it. But i think developers can ad category option in ‘New Inventory Items’ fields. when you are creating in inventory product you should assign it under category and sub category also. I can’t find and to set Inventory Location in left side bar.

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Inventory categories can be handled with custom fields: Manager Cloud.

Inventory locations are in Settings: Manager Cloud.

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Thanks for your kind cooperation, I have checked that custom field before. Here can create custom field as ‘category’, then type a category name. but those are not unique name. So 1st you have to create category list before create a inventory, after create category you can assign products under specific category option. otherwise it will not be a specific unique category.

And the Inventory Location list to see you have go setting >Inventory location. For user friendly it can place the left bar like others options.

Yes. What is the problem with that?

You will only create new inventory locations when you do something like open a new store or warehouse, just a handful of times in the history of a company. Tabs on the left are for functions used all the time.

That is no problem which you quoted, but here is not that option. Just can create custom field and can type a name of category, it it will not create category based report and data.

if you create custom fields for inventory items, the same custom fields will be visible on the sales invoice when the particular inventory item is selected.

under Reports you have image which can be used to get sales report based on the inventory category.