Inventory Items display order

I am today working on moving the field codes from the item name and moving the item names from the item code to the item Name (as I currently have the product codes in the item names and the product name in the item codes.

However, I have run into a slight issue. I suppose that if I want to look at all memory, I could simply filter for memory and it would pick up all the entries in the custom column that I have created called Product Type. However as you can see in the picture it also picks up memory from other inventory items such as the motherboard at the bottom. In this particular example there is only one inventory item that is not memory listed here. But this is not always the case and as the inventory grows this will be a problem.

So what I have been doing in the past is putting memory - product name in the item code field so that I can view all the memory inventory items together by scrolling down to memory. However, by moving the product code to the item code field, all my entries are no longer alphabetically listed in order of product type such as laptops, memory, computers etc as the part codes are all very different and thus do not group memory, laptops together etc.

I can select item name at the top to filter by item name, but I would have to do this every time.

I am not sure what your plans are with regards to custom accounts as you mentioned that I would be able to do inventory - computer, inventory laptops etc. How this will affect inventory items display view I do not know.

In short what I want to be able to do is view similar products such as laptops or mouses or projectors but without including inventory items that are not part of that group, but may have the keyword memory like the motherboard does for example.

Would you be able to either set the Item Name to be the field that is sorted in alphabetical order as I cannot see any value in having the item Code sorted in alphabetical order as most people will not know the part code of the item therefore an alphabetical sort arrangement is kind of useless. Whereas I could set the Item name to be Memory-2*2GB DDR3-PC2700 and the next Item Name would be Memory-2GB DDR4-PC4-1700 and that way all the memory would be listed together.

Or better yet, as the search function works really well and I can type memory, it would be much better and quicker if I could get the program to only search for memory in the Product type memory so instead of having a custom field for Product Type like I currently do, you could perhaps introduce within the program a builtin column for product type as I cannot be the only one that will find it useful to break inventory items into different product types to view. I think that this solution would work far better - as the Manager search function works really well and I just need to get it to filter for inventory product categories so that I can view all Memory that I have to see if there is any memory that would suit my clients needs or something, but without showing all inventory items that have the word memory listed somewhere.

I don’t want to work further on the inventory fields until I have heard back from you as to how you recommend dealig with this issue as its going to be a job to move all the fields from item code to Item Name and Vice Versa, so I would like to get this grouping category issue sorted out at the same time so I don’t have to do it all over again. Maybe the custom accounts will be addressing this issue or perhaps you might want to alphabetically sort by Item Name instead of Item Code or perhaps you might want to introduce a builtin column that you can filter by for product type?

In short I would like to know how this will work in the future, so I don’t have to redo the inventory again. Thanks

See the attached picture

When you use “Product Type” field, don’t use generic name such as “Memory” which has high chance to show in other fields.

One solution is to use some prefix… for example “@” so product type would be “@Memory”… then you search for “@Memory” and it will not pickup irrelevant items.


Thats actually quite a good idea. I will do just that @memory will work quite well. Never thought of that! :grinning:

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I have changed the product type to use @memory etc and that works really well. I would still recommend that the Item Name Column be the column that is sorted alphabetically as there is no value on alphabetically sorting the item code.

Also I would suggest renaming Item Code to Product Code and Item Name to Product Name as that seems more logical for inventory.

But I think it’s working that way. If you don’t use Item Code column, your inventory items should be sorted by Item Name

I do use the Item Code Column as many of the products that I buy and sell have part codes. So I use all three columns.