Suggestions related to inventory

I have been using manager for a while and I think its great. I just have a couple of suggestions.

  1. Could you please add a locations option for inventory items.
  2. Could you please add a order system so we can order stock from other locations.
  3. Could you also add a multiple price system like MYOB. e.g Trade and Retail Prices and we can select what one to charge to the customer.

Multiple warehouses functionality is still quite rare requirement at this point. When there is more demand for it, I will implement it.

Can you elaborate further on this?

Yeah, this will be certainly done sooner than multiple warehouses.

The trade and retail prices need to be tied to the customer profile too

for example:

Customer A - price structure a
Customer B - price structure b
Customer C - price structure c

While working on inventory, could you add a way of adding physical counts into the system for comparison.

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I was in Noel Leeming the other day (technology shop). I went to buy some headphones but they didnt have them at that location. Although she ordered them from another store and charged them out like a backorder on the receipt.

Do you have any idea when this will be implemented?

Multi-warehouse functionality or customer price-levels?

Customer price-levels could be implemented in July. Not sure about multi-warehouse functionality yet, let’s wait for customer price-levels first.

When can we expect multi warehouse management.

I think there are too many users waiting for multi warehouse management

Rite now I hv to do lot of work to manage multi warehouse.
Can you please tell us approximate month when it can be available

Hi @lubos
I have a temporary suggestion

Let’s say if I want to transfer inventory items like raw material or finished material to branch location.

Goto inventory items and create different coded names for the same raw material and finished products of main location because they are in different location/branch

lets say,
main location materials are xxxxxxx1, xxxxxxx2, etc
Newly Branch location materials are Branch A-xxxxxxx1, Branch B-xxxxxxx2, etc

Now goto Transfer inventory items module > select the main branch raw material or finished material whatever you want to transfer to branch location, and in the right side field select newly coded raw materials or finished materials.
In this way main branch material is transferred to branch location… Cool.
here we just decreased Raw/finished materials of Main location and increased Raw/Finished materials of branch location. which can also be done in journal entries but many people like me wont understand journal entries easily.

Now as we are holding raw materials in branch location, we can create manufacturing orders by selecting only newly coded branch raw materials to manufacture newly coded branch finished materials.

for sales,

we can select customer, dates, taxes as usual ,
select sales of inventory items> select newly coded branch location finished materials>quantity>price and create.

I hope you will understand
maybe you will have better idea than me.
Please let us know when we can expect this kind of module

thank you