Suggesting Add printing button in the accounts summary

I suggest adding the printing feature by clicking on the summary of accounts,
This feature is good for many, especially when requesting to print a bank statement, sales, expenses, etc., because in the current situation printing is difficult, you can add a print button so that the full statement appears for all pages, and the company name, account title and date are at the top of the page printing .
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you can use the Export button at the bottom to copy the contents to any spreadsheet program and print from there.
also, if you are using Windows, you can directly print the page by Ctrl+P or right click the page and select Print option.

You are not looking at an accounts summary or statement. Your screen shot shows the result of drilling down on a single bank account under the control account, Cash at bank, which you reached from the Summary page.

If you want to print a list of transactions for any account or subaccount, you will need to use the export feature. Printing can only be performed on completed transaction forms and reports. The type of screen you are looking at is neither. It is just an extract from the database.

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But for example, when I want to print a 10-page bank statement, for example. If I want to print manually from the print options in Windows, I will have to print each page separately.

This is only a suggestion
When you need to print a detailed bank statement consisting of several pages, it will be useful to have a button to print all pages at once from the program without the need to export them to Excel and work to arrange them for printing

And what will you do after using Manager in a high-volume business for several years and that list grows to 100 pages? Obviously, you would need to include a complete report entry page to define date ranges, select the account, etc. You can currently create a General Ledger Transactions report, selecting only Cash at bank, and have what you want.