Add a button to print formatted

Please add a button to print the accounts pages in a coordinated manner without the display and editing marks appearing
Without the need to press Ctrl P - because when printing in this way, links signs appear according to the attached images

This isn’t an “accounts page.” It is the Sales Invoices tab listing. Depending on what information you need, you should look at the Reports tab.

Yes sir I understand that but the reports do not give me the exact result I want
Adding a print button will work very well

What information are you looking for that is not in one of the sales invoices reports?

As has been discussed many times, you can use the Copy to clipboard option and paste the data into Excel.

Issue date Reference Customer Invoice Amount Balance due Days to Due Date

Then @Mark’s solution will give you exactly what you want. You might also look at the Aged Receivables report, which has somewhat less date granularity.