Modify the printing of statements

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This is not a view screen so why print?

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This is faster in printing an account statement directly from the main interface

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Also, Manager at first was hiding these additions

Impossible, a print screen will show all that is on the screen

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I’m sure in the old versions of Manager it was without this

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I just tried and downloaded the oldest version available on Github. It does not!

In any case if you want quick printing you should use Batch view and then you can print multiple view sceens at one time.

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For example, the Manger version on the date of July 2020

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Show full screenshots including that Manager version which is more than 1,482 Manager releases ago and no longer available on github. And explain how you would print the screen.

Right Click Then choose a print from the menu

Show full screenshots that also shows the July 2020 Manager version you refer to that seems to “work” as you suggest.

I don’t have the version number

Some years ago in March 2020 you actually had a similar request to add print button to summary screen, so it did not work then either, see Suggesting Add printing button in the accounts summary - #4 by aymnak

So how you can refer to a July 2020 version that works is a puzzle. The version number of any Manager installation is on the bottom of each page. So if you do a full screenshot with al that Manager offers then you will always include the version number

That is not an official Manager download. You should delete the post. I am asking a simple question and you did not answer it by showing evidence.

Screenshot 2023-01-08 140459

version number

I asked for a full screenshot that also shows the Manager version number where you demonstrate that Manager seems to “print without the other elements of the screen” as you suggest in post 4:

Also curious why you report this more than 1,482 versions and 2 years later. What did you do in the meantime?

How can I install the old version? Can’t. I sent you a picture of the error with the version number

Note, this is a suggestion if you can do it well and if you don’t want to, then you have the freedom to choose. We are just trying to participate in the development

thank you

@aymnak you claim something worked before and even refer to a July 2020 version which you can not demonstrate that it did. If anything your were told in March 2020 that there is no print button. This is not presented as a suggestion but something that 2 years and lots of versions later does not seem to exist anymore without providing evidence it ever existed as requested. You did not present it as a “suggestion” and your argument that this now was just posted to participate in the development is void.

@aymnak, the tiny portion you showed in your first screen shot of whatever you were looking at is not from any transaction or report. Nor does it represent any “account statement” (something that does not exist in Manager). It is the bottom portion of a window showing a list. From that list, you have options for editing and viewing transactions or reports included in the list. One of those options is to Batch View, as @eko suggested. So your request makes no sense, because there is no “account statement” to print while viewing a list. There are only choices to make, which in some cases lead to display of a transaction or list that can be printed. The program already includes built-in customer and supplier statements of two types. You should use them.