Printing Option

There is no way to print any report when I see on screen. See the picture. It is a sales record for a particular period. For checking the data, how can I print it? I think there should an option at the bottom or top for printing or exporting to PDF/Excel/Word etc. Maximum accounting software has that facilities. But in Manager software there is no way to print. I think it is a great mistake of you. My request is, please think very deeply about it.

Look at your screen shot. There is an Export button at the lower right corner. You can choose your format.

I saw it before you told. but there is no way to choose any option to export. There is only one way to export and that is *.tsv format.

You are correct. I was mistaken. But from a .tsv format, you can transfer into Word or Excel as you wish.

It is critical process. So please add the feature for export to Word / Excel / PDF. And also and printing option directly from any screen. I think, it will increase the value of your software. I am thinking to go cloud version. Next week I will sit with my boss. It is really nice software. Just need to little nursing, that’s all. Every accountant will love it without any question.

I’m not planning to put Print button on screens with tabular data. The main problem is that tabular data can span over dozens or even hundreds of pages. That’s a lot of printing.

If you really want to print it, you will have to export the tabular data to TSV file using Export button, then open it in Excel.

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It looks like you a looking at Sales Invoices.

Try pressing Control P or Command P on a Mac.

That should open a print dialogue and let you print what you see.

Its not pretty but it works.

If you’re using Ubuntu by chance, you can take a “Snapshot”, and print that. That’s how I figured out how to print it.