Feature Request - Print Button for Receipts/Payment Screen

When I go to (click) the Receipts/Payment tab, I get a list of the detailed entries that I have made. I would like to be able to print that screen. I would also like the screen to show the Account for the payment/receipt rather than the bank account. If the last change were done for the screen, the screen would be a very good General Journal screen. Having the screen show the bank account is worthless for my case.

Please add a Print button to directly print the screen, or add a standard Report for that. But please change the Account column to be the payment/receipts amount, not he bank account.

You already can, two different ways:

  • Depending on your edition (desktop, server, cloud) you may need to open a second instance in a browser. (Techniques vary slightly by operating system, but basically, open the link to the Receipts & Payments tab itself.) Then use your operating system commands to print.
  • Copy the screen to the clipboard, paste into a spreadsheet, and print from there.

Use the General Ledger Transactions report. That is what it is for.

In my installation, the desktop version does not allow the link to be opened in a browser. I can copy the link location, then paste it into a browser, right click to bring up print dialog, then print the page. While this works, it is very cumbersome. A print button should be easy to add. And then, the payment/receipt “account” is not in the screen, just the bank “account” which is mostly useless in my case.

The General Ledger Transactions report does not include all the information, so it’s not a solution.

I need paper reports for potential audits. Having to go back to the application and open each entry in the Payment/Receipts screen if subject to an audit is a real problem for a company.

Do it once at the beginning of you manager session then work from the browser from then on

Yes, it does. And you don’t need to open a print dialog. Once the browser window is displaying the page, print directly from the browser’s menu.

Please don’t complain without explaining yourself. What information does it not include? The only information you said you want to add to the Receipts & Payments listing is the account from the chart of accounts. And that is exactly how the General Ledger Transactions report is organized. That report includes everything you would have if your suggestion was implemented. An auditor would be much more used to seeing a properly formatted report like the General Ledger Transactions report than a navigation list like you see when entering the Receipts & Payments tab. Further, when an auditor is reviewing transactions from a computer-based accounting system, they often want to see computer entries, not paper summaries, depending on the purpose of the audit and who the auditor works for. A paper list could very easily have been faked