Subsidiary ledgers for bank rules and Find & Recode


Hello Everyone! Been quiet for a while.

I have recently spent a good deal of time importing accounts into manager so I can get a tighter link of expenses and billing to customers.

The trouble I am having is that I can’t seem to find how to set up a banking rule to set an expense to “billable expenses”, nor via the “find and recode” function in Banking transactions.

Is it intended that you can’t set this in this way? Have I miss-understood the function of Billable expenses or the use of it?

To give a real life example. I bill users for monthly costs, say virtual machine hosting or domain costs.

These I pay for as part of my service to them, and thus, I would like to simply assign the expense to their account when it comes in.

Then I can create an invoice with expenses, time spent and so on in one go.

Also, since I have been quiet for a while, not using Manager much, just wanted to say thanks for all the improvements in the last while @lubos!



The reason is that Billable expenses is a control account and any bank rule invoking it would require selection of a subsidiary account. The ability to do that for Accounts receivable, Accounts payable, and Capital accounts was added some while ago. But it was not added for Billable expenses. If it were added, entries would appear in the dropdown list for every customer. As it is, Accounts receivable/payable make the dropdown almost unmanageable. It is probably easier to edit these transactions manually than suffer the effects that would result from enabling this capability for bank rules.

Find & recode allows multiple transactions to be recoded in bulk. All built-in control accounts are excluded because they would require selection of subsidiary ledgers, which might not be identical and could easily lead to problems.

Both your suggestions sound attractive at first. But when you think through the implications with large supplier or customer lists, they may not be practical.




So whats the alternative? Go through all the transactions manually and edit them? Or is there something else I am missing?

I agree with you about the drop down list. It does become a problem with many accounts, I can only image the pain for a larger business.

However, could it not be better to have something like in the invoices, where if a control account is selected, another drop down menu appears?



This seems like a more workable option to me, everywhere a similar feature is employed. I’ll put this into the Ideas category.



Thanks Tut. I think this would be a great enhancement.



Added to the latest version (18.7.61)



Your a legend Lubos. Thank you!

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Can the same extension be added for “Expense Claims” sub-accounts



Actually that is also already supported as per 18.7.61 update.

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Thanks for clarifying.