Bank rules should allow to assign transactions to billable expenses

Hi Tut,
I import all my bank transactions, and they go to suspense. Use ‘bank rules’ and ‘find/recode’ to assign almost all of my business expenses. This leaves me with a very long list of transactions which are all billable to my clients, e.g. travel expenses which I pay for, and then charge the client on a monthly basis.
Aside from manually assigning each transaction one-by-one to billable expenses (and selecting the client), is there a way to ‘check-tick-select’ a number of transactions and do a ‘recode’ or ‘bulk update’ to assign the transactions to a client? This would save considerable time for me - for example I just imported 100 transactions for last week, and 80 are for on-charging to clients.

There is no way to do what you ask. Find & Recode seems like the most likely route for this, but as you have seen, you cannot choose Billable expenses. I don’t know if there are technical reasons for this. @lubos would be the one to say.

Thanks Tut.

Maybe the Recode function could be extended. Perhaps it could have options similar to opening up individual transactions - account (with all subheading available: income, expenses, assets, liabilities, equity), tax code (existing feature), and notes (this would be really helpful to bulk input notes).


This is a good idea. There isn’t technical reason why it cannot be done. It’s just that nobody has asked for it yet. I’ve categorized into ideas category.

Added to the latest version (18.7.61)

Thanks Lubos for adding the new feature.