Bank Rules

I’m familiar with the concept of applying bank rules to imported transactions from using other programs.

With manager I’m struggling to get it to work. When I enter an element of the imported transaction description, as a rule, it is not being applied. I’m careful about the account the rule has to apply to.

Can Manager search on partial names or parts of names or reference numbers for eg? What’s the minimum number of characters needed? The forum applauds success for some users but there has yet to be a discussion on principles of use or a help section that I can find.

Would love it to allocated a nominated Payee as well as a Category.

Thanks for continuing to develop a great program.

I don’t use bank rules, so I can answer your question specifically. But other searches are just text string comparisons and begin suggesting answers with the first letter. Of course, they get more specific as you type more.

@lubos has been promising new and updated Guides for the many features added recently. I agree that some of the new capabilities are hard to explore, let alone use, when you don’t know what they are supposed to do.

Lubos said he will update the Bank rules soon. According to him its still not very user friendly, and the updated rules don’t take effect on already entered or imported transactions, yet. I noticed that when you import a new bank statement after you set the rule the effect is retrospective.

Not quite correct. Rules set up, data imported, with no parsing of data.


I really don’t recommend to use bank rules yet as the feature hasn’t been yet documented and fully implemented (it works only if your use case is trivial). I don’t even use it for myself yet. I plan to do a lot of improvements to it in upcoming 2 weeks. Then it would be usable for most users.