Bulk Update to specific suppliers or customers

Is there a way to bulk update amounts to a specific customer or supplier?
I have tried the “Bank Rule” function and the “Find and recode” function, but
I still cannot bulk update to a specific supplier/ customer. We have a huge number
of payments to one suppliers and I have to edit each transaction to select the specific
supplier. It is very time consuming.
PS: Thank you for an awesome program.

When you use Find & recode feature, you can filter down transactions using the search box in top-right corner.

Thank you for your feedback.

I have filtered the transactions applicable with the Find & recode feature, but I still can’t bulk update to a specific supplier/ customer.

Now I have to edit each transaction separately to select the specific supplier. Which is time consuming.

Do you have a “work around” or am I just missing something?

Have you created the suppliers first under Suppliers tab?

Yes. Currently I have 18 Suppliers set up on the Suppliers tab.

Sub-accounts are not yet supported when creating bank rules or using “find & recode”.

It is on my list so keep an eye on changelog.

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Thank you so much Lubos.
I’ll keep an eye out for this feature.

Hi Lubos,
I know this forum qn is old. Maybe there has been an update already implemented, but I can’t see it on the guides.
More than 50% of my transactions are billable expenses. I have 5 suppliers setup. Is there an easy way to bulk assign transactions to individual suppliers? Running v17.10.77.

Are you asking about imported bank statements? If not, what?

Bank rules have been improved so that control accounts like Accounts payable can be used, but at the expense of listing the subaccount of every active supplier when setting up the bank rule. But this wouldn’t work for billable expenses, because the transaction is not between you and the supplier. The transaction for a billable expense goes on the account of a customer. And no matter how detailed an entry is in the imported statement, it won’t specify the customer.

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