Batch Operations for Bank Rules


You guys are doing a fantastic job. Is there a way to import bank rules? It will save so much time


Manager is not mine i’m just a user. You can enter Bank Rules via Settings but not import them as far as i know.


Where would you envision getting bank rules to import, @k11?


Maybe doing accounting for other businesses. Templating.


I have multiple bank accounts and I have to put each bank rule for same items. It is a pain. It will be easier if I could just import it from excel (csv file).


That makes sense. I’ll put this into the ideas category. I will also change the title to reflect what you are actually requesting.


Added to the latest version (18.11.26).

Although, batch operations are not considered “user-friendly” yet. I’d like to improve them so column names are named better and 32-character GUIDs are replaced with actual names.