Batch Operations for Bank Rules

You guys are doing a fantastic job. Is there a way to import bank rules? It will save so much time

Manager is not mine i’m just a user. You can enter Bank Rules via Settings but not import them as far as i know.

Where would you envision getting bank rules to import, @k11?

Maybe doing accounting for other businesses. Templating.

I have multiple bank accounts and I have to put each bank rule for same items. It is a pain. It will be easier if I could just import it from excel (csv file).

That makes sense. I’ll put this into the ideas category. I will also change the title to reflect what you are actually requesting.

Added to the latest version (18.11.26).

Although, batch operations are not considered “user-friendly” yet. I’d like to improve them so column names are named better and 32-character GUIDs are replaced with actual names.

Batch Create/Update for Bank Rules work very well for accounts, both in batch and manually (fig.1), but there does’nt seem to be any available batch input for Customers/Suppliers Code (fig.2). Still the code can be recorded manually (fig.3).

Is there maybe something I am overseeing ?



The customer’s subaccount in Accounts recievable is going to be represented by a 32-character hexadecimal string. The only way to know what that is will be to create manual entries, then look at the results via Batch Update. That makes the feature fairly difficult to use, because you need to look up those strings somewhere else, such as the customers tab.

ok, then I think it would be easier to make the Bank Rules manually as in fig.3 above.

The thing is if many businesses are being imported into Manager from other accounting systems and each business has a long list of both Customers and Suppliers this can become rather time consuming although doable. The use case for this feature would be to obtain Bank statement where the Code (social security number) of each customer is in description (or put into description in Excel if lacking), so when the bank statement gets imported into Manager, all the payments received from customers are recorded automatically in the right customers account.

Hopefully this import for Codes will be improved upon down the road so it can be used just as with accounts.