Still printing issue, print and pdf not working

Hi, I still face many time issue on print. The program crash, then i get another window. I have 2 companies in manager, one company it sometimes crash, but the second company i open its almost every time. When i use PDF, also not working, anyhow still many times have a crash. I use mac 10.12.6 and manager 17.7.54

If you review forum topics (some of which you participated in) related to similar problems, you will see that they are often related to font characters that cannot be handled. So relevant questions are:

  1. What is your language preference setting?
  2. Do the problems persist if you change to another language, English for example?
  3. Are you using a custom theme?
  4. If so, have you included any code for fonts or font attributes that was not in the default theme?

Hi Tut, i use English as default language. Never changed or tried other. Yes, i use custom theme which copy from the templates from manager. Did not change anything here, just use it as it it, no any changes

I am sorry, but I cannot help. I use the same setup and have not encountered this problem since last November, when bugs with implementation of the internal PDF generator were being worked out. Things have been rock solid ever since. I think @lubos will need to resolve this one.

yes, i also can make f.e. some PO, then maybe if print 5 PO all fine, then again one more and problem come up. This not every time i use print but lets say if print 10 times, i come up maybe 3-4 times

You need to experiment with a test company to determine the exact circumstances that trigger this problem. If no one can duplicate it, it must be assumed this has something to do with your computer or setup and cannot be fixed.

The latest version at the moment is 17.8.2, which is about 50 versions ahead of what you have installed.

Perhaps back up your businesses, then update to the latest version of Manager and let us know if you continue having problems with printing.

I was printing last night (also on macOS Sierra) without any issues.