Printing reports to pdf crashes program since version 19.6.86

since version 19.6.86, when printing reports to pdf, the program crashes

uninstalled und reinstalled version 19.6.83. works ok

any ideas

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Do you get any error at all?

no error except what you see on the attached screenshot.
program background gets pale and shows a message, that

“ManagerDesktop.exe does not work any more.
because of a problem the program does not run correctly.
program will be shut down and you will receive information
when a solution is available”

OS Win7 tried it on 2 different machines, same thing.


Same here - pdf is created and then Manager closes without any error message. A pdf file is created but is corrupt and cannot be opened

Manager 19.7.1 on Windows 10 V 1903 Build 18362.207

This seems to effect reports only, I was able to create a pdf from a sales invoice without any problem

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This one seems universal, as it happens on Macs, too. Same behavior described by @Joe91: crashes when generating PDFs of reports, works fine on transactions. I have moved this topic to the bugs category.

Yes, it happened to me also. Under Report Inventory all five inventory items in the reports crashed but leave a blank or corrupt PDF files, (in Windows v.10 home edition) and in OSX it will just hang you and application will not responding, I will send the screen shot too, maybe this could help trace where the bug is, (I am on Windows platform now).

Fixed in the latest version (19.7.3).

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Works on a Mac.

Thank you so much, it works also in Windows. I can see now the exported PDF and the apps didn’t crash at all.

Thank yo very very much.

Yes same problem, Why fix something when it wasn;t broken??? The earlier version of manager work very well, the update is disaster!!! please fix this

@Kingstudio, you are posting to a thread about a problem that was fixed almost two years ago. So you are not having the same problem. I have closed this topic. If you have a problem, start a new topic and provide complete details.