Status Column (Sales invoice countdown feature)


The counter feature on the sales has been removed in the new version of manager. It used to be very handle to check the days remaining before the invoice is paid.
Is it possible to restore this feature?

Please find Edit columns on the bottom of sales invoices page

Select Days overdue



However, the option you indicated only shows the past the payment date (overdue) but I’m alluding to the feature where by the counter was was showing the days before set payment date.

It was counting down the days to the date of payment.


I think there should be another column named Days left to due date

@eddie I understand you do not want to have Due date column and have Days left to due date instead because it’s easier to read. Correct?

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The due date column is more important than the count, so please keep as is.

I’m not proposing to remove any column. That’s why we have Edit Columns feature so new columns can be added without disturbing anyone.

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I wonder if rather than making a column for each status why for status you did not stick to the different coloured statuses in a single status column.

@lubos I also think a countdown to the due date will be a very good feature.

The same status column used to indicate the status of the invoice in terms of the remaining days before payment, paid or overdue and the colors were yellow/orange, green and red respectively for these statuses but now it only indicates “UNPAID” in place of number of days before payment as before…
Personally I found this feature to be very useful for sending reminders to customers before the payment is past and it would be great if it can be brought back.
There is no need to add more columns but just to configure the status column to indicate the number of days remaining before payment as it used to be in the old version of manager as shown in the snapshot below.


how can we have this feature again?

adding a new [Days overdue] collumn is not visually the best option.
we would like to have like before as @eddie post in screenshot.


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The latest version (23.3.21) adds Days to Due Date column.

sir, please add code in this list.

Code for what? All codes should be available already if your software is up to date. And if your request is not related to status, please start a new topic rather than diverting this one in violation of forum rules.

Hello. I also need the "status"column indicate information as before. Can I do something to have old version view? Same as posted by @Eddie. Please HELp!

Everything except the option to add images to purchase order.

In my opinion the “status” should be added as an option and when activated have the same functionality as before. It made things so simple!

No, the new way is to edit columns and select which ones you want to see. See also post Status Column (Sales invoice countdown feature) - #12 by lubos

You are swayed to the dark side… :wink:
@lubos :thinking: Why can’t we (your customers) have this option, is it technically impossible now due to the new column selection functionality or ideological?

I liked the single status column with colour alerts better but an alternative for the sales invoice countdown feature nevertheless exists. If the tradeoff is between having the edit column function or the old system then I prefer the edit column function as it allows me to enable whatever we find important.

In the latest version (23.3.26), you will see greater variety of statuses under Sales Invoices tab.