Due days of invoice is not showing in Sales and Purchase


I have updated the manager and earlier it was showing the days of due in sales and purchase invoice and now it is just showing Overdue / Paid in Full / Due today. No. of days is not showing.

Pls help.

click on Edit columns and enable number of dates. Paid in full etc will still show in green but not with number of days, these are in separate columns. If you took time to search the forum you would have seen the post by @Lubos on this, I encourage you to search it as it explains much more.

Thanks for reply @eko . But i think previous version has better way of showing day to overdue rather than adding new column make it more bulky.

As mentioned search the forum where this has been extensively discussed and where adjustments where made to what it is now. If you put the effort to search for that discussion you would have found Status Column (Sales invoice countdown feature)