Purchase invoice status

In the Cloud version the status of Purchase Invoices use to show Paid, Due in… and Overdue by… Now I can only see Paid and Unpaid. Is there an issue? Is this related to the Edit Columns new function @lubos?

I can confirm this change.

It could be related to the new Edit Columns concept, but it seems like overdue status has been dropped to keep things simple.

I think it was a lot better before, simple with the colours and the simple number of overdue days or due in days.

You could argue that, and you would be right, but on the other hand, unlike status, the due date column isn’t always exposed and so the application doesn’t always have all the information necessary all of the time.

For Sales Invoice the “due in days” or “overdue days” are still indicated. If the due date is not set, Manager assumes for Sales Invoices (and assumed for Purchase Invoices) that the due date is (was) on the same day as the date of the issuance of these documents. It works (worked) perfectly. I think it pretty obvious that having the number of due in days or overdue days gives more information to users, so this change is a worsening, not an improvement.


I agree with @mauroskov, but the column editing feature hasn’t come to sales invoices yet, probably so issues like this can be worked out first in simpler tabs.

The latest version (23.3.11) is adding Days Overdue column.



Will it only indicate the overdue days or also the “due in” days for purchase invoices that still have to be paid but are not yet overdue?