Status Column (Sales invoice countdown feature)

Hope you can do the same for Purchase Invoices tab, thank you.

Thank you, but i think the older system was better.



I agree with @Frankie. While I understand some users may like the separate columns for days until due and days overdue, it is very hard to argue that the old Status column, which included all information in less space, is in any way inferior. If you are going to have the color-coded status column, why not revert to the way it used to be? You can still include the optional days until due and days overdue columns.


I concur with eko, Frankie and Tut. Please implement the status’ on the Purchase Invoices too. Thanks.

The latest version (23.3.27) replicates this in purchase invoices tab too.


Totally agree with @Frankie and others. Previous was just enough. Please return that system back asap. I am dealing with it daily and now have to change all excel forms and formula only because of this new system.

Also I cannot see the point why “coming due” is better than “due in xx days”. all filters can be done based on “due in” wording. I understand the new columns can support "lookup/ if "formula. But what is the problem to replicate information? or just make both possible, so everyone can choose the favourable.

I’m currently doing my task manually, so please return old version back asap… many many THANKS in advance!

Hi guys, so what is status of “status column”? Should we expect older system back again please?


Thank you, but i think the older system was better.

I also concur with Tut and the others. The edit columns feature is great, but the status column as it was before made it much easier to see what was due for payment and when.

@Joe91 sorry, are you developer?

@lubos can you please advise on request of NUMEROUS users to go back to old system for “status column” ?

Hi, is it possible to merge both columns?

@N_G there are further improvements to Edit Columns function coming up. For example, you will be able to create custom views and I think it will get you closer to what you are after.

Yes - the old approach was good in some ways, but also limiting in others. I’m pretty sure once you see further improvements to Edit Columns, it will start making more sense. And if not, we will continue addressing this issue until the result is acceptable.

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Why would you want to merge two different concepts?

I think that the status column already indicates what is happening so rather than having separate columns for number of days related to each status it would make sense just have a column stating number of days next to the status column. So if status is Overdue then if 5 is in the Days column it would mean 5 days overdue and if status would be Days to due date these 5 Days would signify that.

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Hi @lubos,

Is it an option to put the “old” column back so that the users can choose which column they want to use.


The new edit columns feature is interesting. My problem, not sure if it relates to this thread or not is the sort order of invoices. Previously all unpaid invoices were first, Followed by all paid invoices.
Now, paid and unpaid invoices are all mixed together without an option to sort by paid/unpaid.
What i’d like to see is almost like a group by view where paid and unpaid invoices are separate and can then be sorted by date.

Anyone know how to make this happen?

But you can sort on the status column (includes paid, due in, etc)

Yes, you can.
It used to be with the single status column, that the default sort order was by status. I’m not sure if it was just an unintended consequence or not but in effect what was being done was a sort by status and then a sort by date, almost like a multi level sort.
Now with the multiple status option this doesn’t quite work that way. I wish it still did.