SQLite Error Manager 19.11.90 on Catalina

I keep getting an SQLite error when I try to open Manager 19.11.90 on Catalina. It just keeps crashing.

Can you post screenshot of the error?

Could it be that database file is already open by another copy of Manager? Can you restart your computer to see if it fixes the issue?

I have already done that. I even removed the app and reinstalled it but it still won’t work.

Could this be permission issue? It does appear that you have moved the folder. I don’t think the file is corrupted but if you can send me 0000000000000000000000.manager to lubos@manager.io I can have a look and tell for sure.

I will do that now. Thanks in advance.

Thank you for your time. I have just deleted the 0000000000000000000000.manager and relaunched the app and it is working. All I had to do then is import my backups. Once again thanks for your help. It is much appreciated.