Manager crashes on launch with SQLite error

I sold my business and stopped using Manager (19.12.12) some time ago. Using Windows File Manager I deleted the Manager data files and uninstalled Manager.

I’ve started a new business and downloaded and installed the current version of Manager (20.7.83), but when it launches I get the following error message:

I suspect this was caused by my manually deleting the old data files …

So even though I’d uninstalled the old version of Manager, the new installation keeps looking for data files in the old folder!

I tried uninstalling and then reinstalling Manager, but it always looked for data files in the old location.

Please, how can I sort this mess??!!

Go to C:\Users\david\AppData\Local\Manager folder and delete file named data. Then start the program again.

This will make Manager stop looking for data in your Google Drive folder.

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You’re awesome, thanks so much!