Splitting Cash accounts and Bank accounts on the General Ledger Transaction Report

I don’t know if there is a setting that I need to change, or if this is something that still needs to be implemented, but I have multiple Bank Accounts, and two different cash tins. Currently on my exports both cash tins’ transactions are lumped under “one journal” as well as the bank transactions. Could this be implemented in future, or is there a setting I need to change?

Go to Bank Accounts or Cash Accounts tab. Click on the New Bank Account or New Cash Account buttons. Name the accounts whatever you like, such as “Cash Tin #1.” You can have as many of each type of account as you want.

That I’ve already done. I work with 4 cash accounts, and 2 bank accounts, but the problem is when I draw my monthly reports, all 4 cash accounts fall under a single ledger. I can’t get manager to keep the 4 cash accounts as 4 separate ledger accounts on the individual ledger report.

The extra information makes your problem clearer. The General Ledger Transactions report was only added to Manager a few weeks ago in response to several users’ need for printing lists of transactions for audits, tax filings, etc. While the idea is good, several people have already commented that the organization is somewhat random and the cash/bank accounts are lumped together. @lubos has said he will be getting back to this report in the future.

Suggestions made so far include (1) ordering the report to match the Summary, (2) wrapping descriptive text so the debit/credit columns are not pushed off the right margin of the printed page, and (3) specifically splitting out cash/bank accounts.

If you have other ideas, I encourage you to make them known on this forum.

I do have one other problem with the GL Transaction report, but it could be settings on my side. When I save it as a PDF all of the hyphens used in the description appear on the PDF document as

& minus ; (without the spaces)

What might be causing it and how would i fix it?

The Save feature is not completely functional on all screens yet. @lubos is working on it. Meanwhile, you can always save a PDF via the print function. Depending on your operating system, this may be a built-in feature or you may need to install one of the free PDF printer drivers. However your particular system works, you will click Print in Manager and select the PDF save function during the print process rather than directly from Manager.

I have just starting using Manager (tonight) - as an IT prof and ex ERP programmer I am impressed so far.
Sorry for re-hashing an old thread but I have the same distress as Paul in that I want my bank accounts to appear separately in GL reports.
Would it be possible to add our own GL Asset accounts for each bank/cash account under a Cash Control account and then assign the relevant GL cash account to the Cash (Bank) Accounts?
Then my Trial Balance will show each Bank Account, my Transaction report will meet my Financial Statement requirements.

Thanks for the freeness of a great product.


Yes. You can do it. Simply setup assets accounts (one for each bank account) and mark them as “Control accounts” and specify they contain “Cash accounts”.

Then go to Cash Accounts tab and edit each cash account to select under which “control account” they should show so you have 1:1 relationship.

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Thanks Lubos,
It’s not until you have multiple cash asset GL accounts that you see the option to select GL account when editing the bank/cash account.
Now I’m more impressed with Manager.
And to get a response from you within a day is to be commended.
I will be recommending Manager from now on.

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