Cash and Bank transactions Under Reports

A cash and bank transactions report must be created under Report. Where cash and bank account are displayed. You must be able to see view transactions button or ‘view’ button to see transactions reported displaying figures under Debit, Credit, and Balance columns. It must ask of dates with ‘From’ and ‘To’. To enable periodic querying

Until such a report is available, you can export the bank or cash account ledger. Then you can play whatever games you want with it. Not quite as convenient, but workable.

Yes Tut, I already do that. I don’t know how hard it will take to do it. But if it could be done by Lubos soon it will really help manager users. Most ERPs have it

I notice more and more users are requesting capabilities of ERP systems. I don’t know if that’s where @lubos planned to take the product or not. Fortunately, we can leave modules disabled when we don’t need the complexity.

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There is a report called Cash Summary which summarizes cash transactions across all bank/cash accounts.

I could make “Net movement” figure on this report clickable which would take you to the list of all transactions across all bank/cash accounts. Is that what you mean?

What I mean is the ability to view cash and Bank Transaction reported with regards to a period. During the report, a single bank account or cash account is selected for viewing. The balance before the specified period will be brought forward and the transaction amounts will be displayed with Debit for Receipt and Credit for Payment. I exported an example from one ERP to explain this. I have attached the image please have a look.

You can use the same to enable viewing of transactions in any ledger or account in Manager.

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The layout is similar to General Ledger Transactions report Manager already have. If I add ability to filter the report by account, you would get what you are proposing.

Let try that and see @Lubos.
I will give feedback immediately

One thing that seems to be overlooked is the desire, expressed by several people, to see the details of transactions in some of the reports. In other words, they’d like to be able to scan down a report and tell that XX was spent on rent, YY on legal service, and ZZ on something else. The General Ledger Transactions report only lists the accounts involved, without saying what the transactions were for.

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That’s will be great add for all users
So we can choose like that
(Cash in bank ) —> ( ABC bank )
Or ( Def bank ) and modify date as we want

Also that for cash accounts .

You can solve that if you made exactly like supplier and customer statement ( transaction)
Also you should make cash and bank accounts available at jornal entires

Exactly the same of customers and suppliers in every thing .

@adelyounis, you are posting on a five-year old subject. The thread is obsolete, so I am closing it.