General Ledger Transactions Report group by account type change request

I have been using Manager for about 18 mths. I’d been putting off seeing the accountant, thinking he was a myob, quickbooks, or zero only guy. I didn’t feel like a showdown nor having to make a choice between the accountant and manager.

He thought it was a great piece of Software and made only one request that the General Ledger Transactions Report was grouped by account type then date, instead of the date only order. Is this possible?

The General Ledger Summary report is grouped the way your accountant asks, but doesn’t give the detail. You can export the General Ledger Transactions report into a spreadsheet and then sort it any way you wish.

While that is a tiny bit extra work, it seems a small price to pay to keep using Manager. :wink:

Other users may know how to finesse reports. I don’t.

I did see your earlier post about using the General Ledger Summary Report and exporting it, however it’s just the summary of the accounts, not each transaction.

I don’t see an export button on the General Ledger Transactions Report, I’m using version 15.0.90.

Thanks for your suggestion.

The figures on general ledger summary report are clickable. Clicking on net movement amount will give you transactions in the account.

Yeah, general ledger transactions report is not currently “exportable”. Anyway, I’ll do some improvements to it so you can group transactions by account and do the export.

My mistake! I tried to verify the existence of the export capability on the transactions report before telling you about it. I must have accidentally clicked on the wrong report–I confirmed the Export button was there, but apparently didn’t look at the report itself to make sure I had the right one. Sorry. :anguished:

Any progress on this, it would be very useful.

Is this option close to being available? I need to be able to give accountant pdf report with full details grouped by account sorted by date and totaled for year so he is able to prepare tax return. I have 6 weeks to decide if I can use this program or look elsewhere for one that can do this report.

Yes, general ledger transactions report will now show transactions groped by account and sort by date.

The new General Ledger Transactions format looks like it will be more useful than I anticipated. All those who requested such a report should be pleased. Two suggestions, though.

  1. Could the individual transaction descriptions be made to wrap text? If the description is long enough, the Debit and Credit columns are pushed right off the printed page. Even on screen, the one-line-per-entry layout can be unwieldy.

  2. The account order seems random. I recommend listing accounts in the same order as the Summary. Group headings would be useful, too.

A couple more observations on the new General Ledger Transactions report:

  1. Cash at Bank lumps all accounts together in the same listing. It would be more useful if the individual accounts were listed separately under a Cash at Bank heading.

  2. Billable Time and Disbursements (Billable Expenses) do not show any entry for the clearing invoice, only the date. Nor are those entries clickable.

Cash at Bank I think is better listed in date order as is - individual accounts are listed to give details of each account if needed - but I agree it would be good to have the entries clickable if possible - this will make corrections easier if they need to be done. Great report though as is! Thanks.

Yes the same order as the Summary report would be good if possible.

My suggestion to list bank accounts separately was not meant to imply giving up date order. My thought was that there would be a major heading Bank Accounts, under which each separate account would be a minor heading and all transactions would be listed in date order.

I don’t know about you but my accountant likes to see one list of transactions in date order for the bank account along with each category also in one report so he can verify records easier. If the bank account is broken down again further into sub headings it will further complicate things for me. The fact that the General Ledger Transaction report now has each category totaled satisfies that need quite adequately. If the cash at bank account is broken into subheadings also that just doubles up those lists and the need for a cash at bank report as one continuous list is not met. This will mean two reports need to be sent to the accountant instead of one and he will then need to check one against the other thus resulting in extra work for him also.

I was not suggesting breaking a bank account down “further into sub headings” as you put it, @jaddy. Apparently, I was not clear.

I was suggesting breaking down the top level heading of Cash at Bank into individual bank accounts, if you have more than one. Under each bank account, transactions would be in date order and would have individual totals. My thinking is that it is much easier to verify one account at a time (such as against bank statements) than to bounce between multiple accounts. The difference between debits and credits should then be the bank account balance.

Here is a crude example of the structure I am referring to:

Cash at Bank

Bank Account #1

  • List of debits and credits for Bank Account #1 in date order
  • Totals for Bank Account #1

Bank Account #2

  • List of debits and credits for Bank Account #2 in date order
  • Totals for Bank Account #2

Total Cash at Bank

OOH!! I see now. I only have one cash at bank account so your meaning was not so obvious to me - sorry!
I am still learning!!

Excellent! :grinning: I use a checking account and a credit card account. Things look pretty whacky when you mix those transactions into a single list.

@lubos, as the end of the calendar year approaches, with tax time coming for many users, it seems like a good time to revive the topic of improvements to the General Ledger Transactions report. Many users requested such a report, but once it became available, few expressed opinions about its utility or structure. Nevertheless, I think the report would be much more useful if the ideas I mentioned several months ago were incorporated:

  1. Presentation of accounts in the same order as the Summary, rather than what currently seems random. (After all these months, I still haven’t figured out how they are organized.)
  2. Breaking out Cash at bank and Cash on hand into individual accounts in date order, rather than intermingling multiple accounts.

If you really wanted to go further, the ability to select exactly which accounts were included in this report might be useful. While the information would be no different that what is available by drilling down from the Summary, this would give users the ability to list one or more account ledgers in the debit/credit format.

This is something which will be solved by implementation of custom control accounts. The idea is that if you don’t like all your subsidiary accounts being lumped up together under Cash at bank, Cash on hand, Accounts receivable, Fixed assets, Tax liability etc. you will be able to create custom control accounts and then specify on individual bank accounts, customers, fixed assets, tax codes under which control accounts they should show.

I really want to introduce this feature before end of this year as it will solve a lot of outstanding feature requests.

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Sounds like a major feature is coming… :slight_smile: