Bank Account Report

I have 4 different bank accounts, and although they roll up into a gross cash figure, I cannot find a Report that list each one separately. There is a post from March 2014 where it looked like this was going to happen in the Balance Sheet, but I still cannot see how to do it.

In the Bank Accounts tab, clicking the blue figure under the Statement balance column will give you the transactions related to that account alone.
you may also export this by clicking the Export button at the bottom right corner.

Thanks for that, I have seen both those options. However in Mar 14, Lubos said that he would be showing the different bank accounts on the Balance Sheet and I wondered if that had been done, and if so, how do I get the Balance Sheet to show the 4 bank accounts in the Cash at Bank column. I don’t really want to export to spreadsheet, I was doing that before I started using Manager and changed so I could use a reporting tool to make my life easier.

@jonjus10 this feature has been already implemented some time ago. Have a look at this guide - Add custom control accounts | Manager

Awesome, thanks. It took a while, until I realised I also had to go back into each Bank Account to change their individual control accounts. Just what I needed

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