Showing the bank accounts in Balance sheet?

When I prepare a Balance Sheet Report, it shows the bank account totals in summary (one line as “Cash at bank”). How can I list the bank accounts like

Other assets
ABC Bank 1,000.00
XYZ Bank 500.00
Cash at bank 1,500.00

Currently, you cannot, so far as I know. Cash at bank is the account. The individual bank accounts are subaccounts, which do not show on the balance sheet. This is just like Accounts receivable, where individual customers have subaccounts, but they don’t show on the balance sheet either.

Typical accounting practice does not include individual accounts on balance sheets. Check, for example, any public company’s annual report.

I think you might be wrong. Various programs do show the various bank accounts in the Balance Sheet: -

Pastel Accounting

Turbo Cash

It would be great if this change could be done.

Your Pastel example does not show multiple bank accounts, only one–Nedbank. If you have only one bank account, you could rename it Nedbank or ABC Bank in Manager. The Pastel example also shows a classified balance sheet, which you can also specify in Manager when you create a new balance sheet report.

Your Turbo Cash example does not seem to be a balance sheet, although I am not familiar with the detailed workings of that program. It looks more like a chart of accounts with balances. In this case, there seem to be subaccounts in some scheme.

Custom control accounts and subaccounts have been promised in the near future for Manager. These may let you do exactly what you want. Until then, existing features seem to provide almost all currently.

Is there a chart of account report showing the balances?

The 2 Bank accounts in Pastel is the Nedbank and Petty Cash Accounts. One can create more Accounts If one needs them.

The Turbo Cash example is a Balance Sheet.
Refer Top Right Corner.
Furthermore all the accounts listed is Balance Sheet Accounts: -
Assets & Liabilities & Equity.

Please do not get me wrong. I think Manager is a wonderful piece of software, very user friendly and The more I work with it, the more I like it and it is a gift of the developers for allowing us to use this software FREE of charge. (They are doing an Exceptional Job)

Small Business especially in our country with the current currency value, these type of accounting software is invaluable.

I think the Idea is to try and make it still easier for everybody to use, although I do understand that not ALL request can be accommodated.

Please don’t misunderstand, @Kobus. I am not arguing with you. I am just pointing out that Manager can already provide you with almost exactly what you want. And it matches standard accounting practices, even if it does not match what you desire.

As to the Pastel example, petty cash is not a bank account, but rather a cash account. As such, it would be shown separately in Manager in exactly the same way. Of course, you must create the account as a cash account rather than a bank account when you set up your chart of accounts. And with a classified balance sheet, you can set up a Current Assets group.

As to the Turbo Cash example, that may be what the program calls a balance sheet. And yes, what shows are all balance sheet accounts. But the presentation is certainly nothing standard that accountants usually produce for balance sheets.

By the way, if you want a summary of all bank accounts, you can export the Bank Accounts tab listing.

I emphasize again that a custom control accounts feature is in development that should allow you to do 100% of what you want, whether that is standard accounting practice or not.

Create a General Ledger Summary report.

General Ledger Summary report is also showing only one line “Cash at bank” under the assets, and not giving the details of bank account balance.

With Tally ERP, you can specify that an account be shown on the balance sheet or not. You may also create a control accounts for them.

But the standard practice is to use a control account. You should however be able to drill down and see the individual balances

Actually, not true. When you drill down by clicking on a control account balance in the Balance Sheet report, you get all transactions contributing to that number. You do not get a listing of individual bank account balances. For that, you must go to the Bank Accounts tab and drill down from there.

In Tally ERP you can drill down and see the balances of accounts in control accounts. It a better way of viewing control accounts/groups in the balance sheet.

There will be ability to create custom control accounts and this will allow individual bank accounts to be shown directly of balance sheet if that’s desired outcome.


Hi All what I need is a report that shows the balance of all accounts. How can I get it

As I answered your question yesterday, the General Ledger Summary report will do that. Create one for any period you like.

I did created a “General Ledger Summary” report but still it is showing the one line as “Cash at bank” and not individual bank accounts:

General Ledger or Trial balance

As I said in my very first response to you, Cash at bank is the account. Individual bank accounts are subaccounts. Subaccounts do not show in the Summary or any reports. Asking the question again and again will not change that fact.

Meanwhile, I have tried to show you ways to get the information you want. And I have explained that Manager already supports standard accounting practices. And @lubos has explained that program improvements are under development that will fulfill your unique, non-standard desires.

So I recommend a little patience. If you need something Manager doesn’t provide for free, you may be one of those people who should purchase some other accounting program.

Thanks Tut. In summary the current system can not generate a report that shows the individual bank accounts there considered as sub accounts of “Cash at bank”.

I will wait for the new enhancements in the future versions to have a General Ledger report that shows the balances of every account.

While I agree with Tut’s point regarding accounting standards and public company reporting, however, I would suggest ( and these are only assumptions) that 1) very few if any public companies would be using Manager and 2) the majority of Manager users aren’t required to meet such accounting reporting standards, In fact, things like Balance Sheets are more probably used as working reports rather then formal reports, Even their bank manager would prefer the detail rather then the summary,
Having said that, Manger first and foremost needs to function within accounting principles and standards, but if flexibility can be added without compromising the integrity then we are all winners.

I am departing quick books plus after some 10 years due to Windows 10 upgrade but their is a programme with an excellent chart of accounts structure including sub accounts and lists all bank accounts on the balance sheet under a “bank” asset classification. Hopefully I will be able to replicate that within Manager