One-line transaction editing

Importing of bank transaction - successfully done .
In Receipt - It shows the transaction, you have to click edit and a pop up screen with various boxes to key in details .

Can we have option to choose the current editing and filling various boxes or
default as on-line Transaction , means I just need to select an account for the receipt and select GST drop down… that way it much faster to process all the receipt and payments also

like Quickbooks when you go to Bank account, and you see single rows of transaction to just update each transaction with correct account category


It seems you are a new user to the forum, and possibly Manager.

It is pointless trying to make Manager work like a different software - each has their own characteristics and foibles

Bettter off reading the guides and learning how to make the best use of the existing features before asking for changes

For example, have you tried using rules when importing bank statements to fill data fields automatically or using batch update if you have a large number of transactions to modify

Manager’s design is such that data entry occurs on a web page showing the entire transaction or record, not a line in a spreadsheet. So I seriously doubt such a change would be technically feasible within the program’s conceptual structure.

Further, you address only changing accounts. How would the program know that is your reason for needing to edit? Many bank statement exports garble contact names, concatenate information that must be separated in Manager, etc. Would you have different procedures and options for all these possibly necessary changes? That certainly sounds inconvenient, if not unworkable. The design philosophy is that when you need to edit a transaction or record, you see all the record and its relevant information.

Thanks Joe91…try the import rules - work great
however, I have regular fixed receipt every month of say $2500.
$2000 is rent with 15%GST ( inclusive)
$500 is rates with Zero GST

Although I setup the import rule for exact amt and with the split of $2000 GST inclusive for rent account and $500 for Rates … once you import the next week transaction, it will identified the $2500 but shown as rent $2500 with 15% GST and does not split the entry

any way to solve this ?

You need to post screenshots of the definition screen for your bank rule.