I’m using Manager on a MacBook and have found that unwanted spell-checking and auto-correction of business names is occurring. (eg. “eBid” is being changed to “Enid” and “Fastway” to “Castaway”). Is this MacBook or Manager’s doing, and how do I disable it?

Could you show screenshot in which context is this happening?

It’s happening when I prepare an invoice. Enter the word “Fastway” in the Description field and the spellchecker automatically changes it to “Castaway”, for example.

That is clearly the Mac doing. If you don’t care about not having the spellcheck, you can turn it off under the System Preferences > Languages & Text > Text or System Preferences > Keyboard > Text depending on your OS X version.

This is a feature of OS X. To turn it off, got to System Preferences > Keyboard > Text and uptick the Correct Spelling Automatically box. This will apply across all applications.

Of course, you can click the X on the suggested autocorrection on a case by case basis. But we often don’t notice, do we?

Is there any option to “Add to Dictionary” so it doesn’t keep picking up on “eBid” and “Fastway”? (I type those words quite often in Manager.)

No. But that has nothing to do with Manager. The only thing OS X provides in Keyboard Preferences is designation of substitutions. There is no dictionary. (Nor is there in Windows, for that matter. Dictionaries go with applications, not operating systems.)

There is probably a way to explicitly turn off spellcheck on Mac OS X in Manager. I think I should just turn it off as I don’t see value of it in an accounting software.

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I like having a spellchecker, but yes, I don’t need it in Manager :slight_smile:

I’ve been relying on spellcheck/auto-correction for reports/notes in my invoicing and I’ve just noticed that it is now disabled when i updated the program. So now i have to copy and paste the report into MS Word for auto-correction, fix it and then copy it back into Manager. Is there an option to enable the spellcheck auto-correct back on, or is there an easier way?
BTW, Manager.io is absolutely amazing!!! Thank you so much. Really appreciate you work!

Read the entire thread above. This is not a Manager feature, but an operating system feature. How you turn it on or off depends on which operating system you are using.

I cant believe I’m now seeing this, please don’t turn it off, rather add an option to disable it please.

Hi Tut, thank you for your prompt response. I am using Windows 10 and it is turned on in Control Panel - Devices - Typing. The previous version of Desktop Edition Manager used to highlight the misspelled words in the “Description” field and “Custom Fields - Notes” in the Sales Invoices section. However, in the latest version of Manager it doesn’t highlight misspelled words in any of the fields. Is it something incorrect that i have done? Thanks again Tut!

I can’t answer your question, because I use Manager on a Mac. But I can tell you that auto-correct still works (often to my disappointment) on macOS. There are no controls for this in Manager.

As it stands now, spellcheck is explicitly disabled on a few fields only. Not across the whole program.

Not sure what to do about this. Perhaps spellcheck should be an option in Manager to enable/disable across the whole program since some like it, some don’t.

Personally, I recommend leaving things as they are. Those who don’t like the behavior can turn it off in their operating system preferences. Duplicating OS options and functions in Manager seems unnecessary.

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