Search Bar Spell Checker Error

desktop version 19.12.12 in english
imac 2011 with osx 10.11.6 el capitan

I get this error when i enter a search into the search bar (top right corner) that comes up with a spell check change. This is a low priority issue but I figure the coders want to know.
To exit, I force quit manager and restart, no loss of data.
This error happens in any of the search bars (not just sales invoice).

This is exactly what I’m doing:
In the search bar, I type in “cass” looking for Cassie.
Spell check changes it to “cats”.
But I don’t notice and I hit (enter).
Error message.
If I click ok on error message the never ending spinning beachball comes up.
So i force quit.

I cannot reproduce this. But I am using macOS 10.15.2, and cannot go backwards. My spell checker substitutes case for cass, yet throws no error message. Even if I enter cats, things work normally and return an empty list.