Spell Checking in Manager

I was just thinking it would be nice to add spell checking to data entry points. Especially invoice descriptions and emails.

Spell-checking already works if cloud or server edition is used (that’s probably obvious statement since these editions are accessed by a standard web-browser).

On desktop edition it might or might not be working. I will enable spell-checking explicitly on desktop edition in upcoming version. It could help. If it still doesn’t work, not sure I will be able to do anything more. I suspect on computers with newer operating systems, spell-checking should work.

I’m running Manager on Ubuntu 14.04. Do you anticipate a problem with spell checking on that? And by the way thank you so much for providing such great software and supporting Linux.

I’d assume spell-checking on Ubuntu 14.04 should be working. If it doesn’t, there are a few improvements I’m planning in upcoming months which might resolve this spell-checking issue as a side-effect so you might just see spell-checking suddenly to start working in one of the future versions.

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