Sort Customer Database by alphabetical order?

Is there no option to sort the customer database alphabetically by Given Name, Surname, etc?

hi, let me try to help. You can always click the Column Name to sort it ascending or descending. If you need to have surname, etc, then create custom field for that, show it as column.

hope it helps

That might work, but it would mean manually entering hundreds of names into the Custom Field all over again… :frowning:

I assume you have Given name, Surname etc. already in your data, but not in a way Manager can sort that column.
Then maybe it can be done by using Batch Update, this will avoid typing by hand.

First you have to make a backup of your data.
Then add the Custom Fields you want.
Then use Batch Update.
By using Batch Update it is possible to have the input for the Custom Field(s) done by Excel making use of the functions of Excel (or other spreadsheet program).

Manager treats customer name as a single string. If you want to sort by given names, enter those first. If you want to sort by surname, enter those first.

But when printing an invoice I want to have the customer addressed as “John Smith”, not “Smith John”. How do I resolve this?

You resolve it with effort you already said you are unwilling to undertake.

Why sort and then manually scroll when you can search by surname directly?

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