Sales Invoices / Recurring Sales Invoices — Batch Create : Alphabetical

Dear All,

I am unable to sort the client name in the category : Sales Invoices / Recurring Sales Invoices — Batch Create : Alphabetical order (Sorting options)

Can anyone help me as the option is grey and unable to click on it.

This screen just shows what you are going to batch create. It’s not meant to be sorted. Why do you require to sort by column on this screen?

1.The output client invoice should be sorted in alphabetical order with following billing numbers.

2.I just notice that when the invoice is generated the due date does appeared on the pdf version.

You need to illustrate what you mean with screen shots.


Before the updates on,

1.Just before generating the batch invoice, i was able to sort the client by name(a-z).
After batch invoice creation all my invoice was sort by client name a-z.

2.I also notice that the due date does not appear on the invoice(pdf version), our client have 30 days to pay there due amount. Its a crucial information that need to appear on the PDF output.

3.The Screenshot is just to show you that this is how the ALPHABETICAL order is matching the NUMERIAL NUMBER.

Thank you for your help and awaiting for you response. :slight_smile:


Your earlier screenshot did not illustrate the problem. A small portion of an unidentified screen is not helpful.

The best way to solve the problem is to add the EDIT COLUMNS on the batch creation section.

@TamG the issue is that Batch Create merely shows preview of what you just copied and pasted from spreadsheet so you can review it before confirming by pressing Batch Create.

If you want batch create to show items in different order, sort them in your spreadsheet before copying and pasting into Manager.

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Hello @lubos

I will try to be more specific as possible.

every 15 days i have recurring to and since it already set in the Recurring Transactions / Recurring Sales Invoices,

All i have to do is the click on sales invoice and the click on batch processing. Just before clicking on batch create, before i have the option to sort the customers by NAME,
Since the last update it have been greyout and i am unable to sort by name before creating the invoice.

thanks for your help.


Actually wait. I misunderstood on what screen you actually are… I agree with you. This screen needs Edit Columns button and sorting.

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Right now if you click on SALES INVOICE, the edit option is already available but as soon as you move to the next step

(Sales Invoices / Recurring Sales Invoices / Batch Create) the option (edit coloms) vanish

@TamG I would recommend that in future you would just simply put the appropriate screenshots and steps as below. It will help us understand the issues better and thus can provide help better too.

So, your problem is that you can not sort the recurring sales invoices list when clicking on the yellow Batch Create link on top of the Sales Invoices tab, see screenshot below.

When clicking on this link I get the following screenshot and note that I can not sort any column nor is edit columns and copy to clipboard, etc available:

While clicking in Settings on recurring Sales Invoice it looks like this and allows me to edit columns and sort the columns.

My apology for the misinformation,

It seem that on the 2nd screenshot you sent me the section is not greyout, i will run a test on my side and revert back asap.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:


Here is a full screenshot of the part i want to sort by name before BATCH CREATE, i need the option to click on customer, then the problem is solved :slight_smile:

Just to cure my curiosity, what difference does it make what order the recurring invoices are generated in?

The customer doesn’t care at all.
The resulting invoices are listed in the Sales Invoice tab and can be sorted however you want

We are all in the clear what you want. I just gave an example how to report this so we understand. You are right that both screens should have edit columns and thus sort enabled.

I deleted my response to @Joe91 as he is right why this would be an issue for a Batch create action in recurring invoices. As the recurring invoices are already listed and there is no copy to clipboard, etc. needed just the single action to create the invoices from recurring ones.

Alongside these invoice format,we have an excel where all information are matched in alphabetical order, the thing is from the beginning this format was setup(sorted by client name with following invoice numbers.

Why do you duplicate the information in Excel?

@TamG the recurring invoices batch create function just adds those you select to the list of invoices. The list of invoices can always be sorted on whatever column you click. You decide what is in the recurring invoices list and can delete those you no longer need. I would advise doing that from the recurring invoices settings tab as that allows you to sort on the columns and help you compare if such recurring invoice is still needed.