New feature request for sorting bank account records

Can I request that the column headings in the Bank account listings are clickable and hence order ascending or descending for that column?

To me everything is upside down as the last record comes first. This may be what is ‘done’ in the accounting world but when you export it to Excel it’s hard to do work on it as you normally expect dates to flow chronologically.


Is there a reason why you cannot just do this in excel itself: just select the date column and sort in the way you like? It’s literally two clicks to do so.

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It’s mainly because the date is exported as text hence 18/05/2015 comes before 17/04/2015 (in UK date format)

So why not convert to the text to date in Excel? This is a simple operation that is explained in numerous web sites:.

I support the idea of being able to click on column headings for sorting, not just on bank statements but throughout the system. It’s a common enough feature of tabulated data in various other systems and I think Manager would benefit in having it too, particularly considering the limited search functionality.

Whilst it is true that custom sorts can be handled in spreadsheet software (be that Excel or something else), it is onerous to export data to then be able the sort each time one wants to quickly review data. Yes, it’s a straightforward enough task to do (although counting the export itself, it is more than two clicks) but having to do it frequently would quickly become tiresome.

The main reason why I think this is a bad idea is that it breaks cumulative numbering which relies on date-sorting.

Unless I’m misunderstanding you, changing the sort order of a view has no impact on the methodology for assigning a new number to a new record - these are two fundamentally separate things.

The data displayed in tabular format is simply the output of a database query and has no impact on what is stored within that database. Any sort order can be applied to this and no underlying data is affected in anyway.

So, regardless of what happens in showing tabular data to a user, when creating a new record (an invoice, let’s say), sequential numbering would continue as it always has i.e., incrementing by one from the current highest number.

Thanks for your thoughts. One of the problems I have is that there is no way to control the sort sequence other than date. So if there are a number of transactions on the same date I have no way of getting them in the same order as the bank statement.A secondary sort on the reference number would be good - or even a primary sort instead of the date. This is why column clicking would be good.As you say, the display bears no relationship to the underlying data.