Default Sorting by User

Is there any way to define a default sorting on columns depending on the way I want it to be sorted. Example, I want to sort Sales Invoices by Status with Overdue being on top, plus sort by custom field, plus by due date in descending order?

You cannot do that. One sort criterion at a time. But you can search first and then sort the results.

Hi @Tut, thank you for the reply. But maybe the developer can check on this one. We have now edit columns, now just asking if possible to add feature on putting the default sorting inside this window.

Also, I found something for @lubos . I understand that some field are alphanumeric, but can this be solved?

I was sorting the reference in descending order but it showed like this. FZR-149 should have been the last invoice in this reference format (FZR-###.d-mm-yy) - as I have different reference format (FZR.#####) for another type of transaction. All are paid invoices.

If possible, change the format to FZR-####.##-##-##
So FZR-149.1-03-21 should be FZR-0149.01-03-21, or even better FZR-0149.01-03-2021