Sort By Date Bug for Inventory Items

Hello guys … Can you explain the reason not to give a correct Sorting date … Is the ordering built according to the value date or the transaction date ?

You have not provided sufficient information to answer your question. Very likely, this is a result of a backorder situation, where Manager delays outgoing quantity transactions until sufficient stock is available.

Are you using delivery notes and goods receipts?

Post a screen shot of the original drill-down on this quantity owned so the running balance is displayed.

What version of Manager are you using?

How did you get to that screen?

You have hidden the breadcrumbs so it is not possible to say what it is other than you started from the Inventory tab

thanks for u kind reply :smile:
No I’m not using nor delivery notes or goods receipts

this the a screen shot of the original drill-down on this quantity owned

thanks for u kind reply :smile:
this a cloud version so It’s last version .

no just i didn’t , just i choose one item that i Owne >>> so the breadcrumbs is : Inventory Items then for an item as you see in the screen Shot … then i tried to sort the transaction according the Date

In the Inventory tab you get

There is no Quantity owned - there is Qty on hand - is this what you mean?

This is a bug. I can reproduce it. When sorting by date on anything in the Inventory Items tab (quantity owned, quantity to deliver/receive, etc.), the sort treats dates as text strings instead of dates. For example, with MM/DD/YYYY format:

Screen Shot 2020-06-19 at 10.44.29 AM

and when reverse sorted:

Screen Shot 2020-06-19 at 10.44.48 AM

In both cases, note the fluctuating years. Whether ascending or descending, the program is sorting numbers in a straight alphanumeric sort.

understand … thanks … I hope they will fix this Bug in the next updates

no … plz check Tut Answer … its a bug issue … Thanks Bro :kissing_heart:

Good at least that will be sorted

Sometimes it is difficult to siagnose errors and bugs because the terminology people use does not match Manager’s exactly so you end up trying to second guess what is going on. Doesn’t aleays work :smile:

Fixed in the latest version (20.7.31)

Yes … Thanks it solved