Hard To Understand the Qty Transactions in Inventory

Hard To Understand the Qty Transactions in Inventory… And there are may be a bug with Date Display…

Qty Displaying is Accurate… But In Transaction Details its very Hard to understand…

I attached 6 photos…

  1. Inventory Item qty:- Finish Mix (1&2 with 3&4)

  2. Inventory Item qty:- Mix Chip 1&2 :- Date 17/7/17 (Different Qty Display against Production Order 15PC)

  3. Inventory Item qty:- Mix Chip 3&4 (Different Qty & Date Display against Production Order 15PC) - Display 18/7/17 As Highlighted in Photo… But when I open that… it opens The Bellow Production Order.

  4. Production Order of Finish Mix (1&2 with 3&4) :- Actual Production order Date 17/7/17 (15PC Finish Goods)

  5. All Production Orders

  6. Inventory Items

  7. Inventory Item qty:- Finish Mix (1&2 with 3&4)

  8. Inventory Item qty:- Mix Chip 1&2 :- Date 17/7/17 (Different Qty Display against Production Order 15PC)

  9. Inventory Item qty:- Mix Chip 3&4 (Different Qty & Date Display against Production Order 15PC)
    Display 18/7/17 As Highlighted in Photo… But when I open that… it opens The Bellow Production Order.

  10. Production Order of Finish Mix (1&2 with 3&4) :- Actual Production order Date 17/7/17 (15PC Finish Goods)

  11. All Production Orders

  12. Inventory Items

Why this Happens?
Again I tell you… Qty in the Inventory display Accurately… But in Transactions … its very hard to understand.

It’s hard to understand what you have displayed above as to the reader it just a series of screenshots which don’t seem to have any logical flow, also those “0” values under Qty owned don’t look right. However lets explore the situation by building a traceable sequence.

  1. Inventory Items a

  2. Production Order a

  3. Inventory Items b

  4. Production Order b

  5. Inventory Item / Raw A - Transactions

  6. Inventory Item / Finished C - Transactions

So, so far all things looks good with no strange entries however if you happen to have a date for a Production Order which occurs prior to the available Inventory then the data looks screwy.

Production Order 1’s date was changed to prior to the Purchase Invoice’s date.

  1. Inventory Item / Raw A - Transactions

  2. Inventory Item / Finished C - Transactions

So keeping a proper date order keeps the data looking organised, also, if you are doing a Production Order which creates an intermediate product that is required for a later Production Order on the same date then make sure that you use the Production Order Priority field.

Priority 1 - Raw A + Raw B = Immediate C
Priority 2 - Immediate C + Raw C = Finished D

Without usage of the Priority field the Production Orders could be processed in reversed order.

Yes… that’s true

As we are in Electrical Good manufacturing Company… We can make a finished Products with many different Row materials… If any one on them are Low In Qty then We will buy it on same day or within Some day. As manager Dose not Give any Low Quantity Warnings… Its Difficult for us to maintain the minimum Qty.
By the way… we can Produce the Complete Product without Some Required Raw Components also … We will just add that remaining raw component to that Produced finished goods…

I will try to Edit my Post to understand the things Batter… what I wants to tell…

I provided one Screen Shots which is provided by you. Please look at those dates…
In your Point No. 5 and Point No. 6

And also look at your this Picture… Dates are not Match…

[And I don’t Understand why this two Middle Lines with " Zero " Qty appears in the list of Finished C …Qty In Hand…? ---------- Marked with Orange Border.]
because we Just make a 2 Production Orders… then why its with four Lines?..
(As per me that middle Two lines are unnecessarily appeared in that] Its Confusing… Because the Transaction Details name is Production Order…
I hope you understand what i want to tell

PLEASE don’t create confusion with the examples provided. My points 5 & 6 as illustrated aren’t directly related to my point 8. If you read the text - I clearly stated that after illustrating points 5 & 6 I changed the date of the Production Order 1, it is this change of date that caused point 8.

Or if you like, point 6 is prior to the date change and point 8 is after the date change so they aren’t / can’t be directly compared.

They appear because your Production Orders are trying to create inventory items before you have sufficient raw materials to make those inventory items. If you compare my points 5 & 7, you will note that by changing the Production Order 1 from being dated after the Purchase Invoice (5) to being dated before the Purchase Order (7) you will then get those zero entries - compare points 6 & 8 - before and after the date change.

WHY - that is what the Inventory Quantity Movement report is for. It provides management an opportunity to review the Inventory Items closing balance status and place orders as required.

And you want to ask WHY the transactions look all screwed up - just re-read your statement above - it fully explains it. Your Production Orders are disjointed and haphazardly created.

Don’t worry, I fully understand what you want to tell, but do you understand that it’s your internal chaotic usage of the Production Orders that is causing your problems, not Manager.

Ok I going to pints One by one…
And yes its my mistake to compare the point no 8 directly with the earlier point… Very sorry for that…

… But look at you point no 5. & 6. which is before the date change… (As I think.) and in your given Point no 5 & 6… displaying a different dates.
Look at the dates of your production order 2 in point no. 5(display 14/07/2017)
And look the at the date of same production order 2 in Point no 6. (display 13/07/2017)
I hope both are before the change in date… I re-attache that photo for reference.

I checked this at my end … and you absolutely RightIf the Raw Inventory in stocks at the time of production order…then… there are no Confusion to understands the Qts transaction… All Clear…:ok_hand: :+1:

Yes… i Know that… But Its Just a some times only… But because of the so many different different component… the reports are confusing for us… Because of those Zeros…

Surely work on that… Because Do not need this confusing things… But just a request… that If manager team can Provide a option to maintain the minimum Qty in hand…if its implemented then its very helpful for us and also for all which have a many different types of inventory to manage.

Thanks, For Clearing the things in my mind.

Ok, ignore that date difference. I was playing with various dates and had forgotten to change that one back before taking the screenshots - my error and nothing to do with Manager.

But the zeros are only there because of the way you use Production Orders, correct this and the zeros will disappear Production Orders

Ok… I Will try to find out the errors… :+1:

I never said that there were errors, just that your usage was not correct - the creation of Production Orders where there is insufficient raw material inventory to create the required finished goods and the adding of those raw material to partially completed finished goods. If you like - its the timing of events - the processing of the Production Order should be after the processing of the purchase invoice, but when you put them in reverse then will get the zeros.

yes. you never Said…
Now I understands what the Problem Is. I write errors… Because Its creates Confusion to understand the Qty Transactions. So I write errors… (Its Errors/problems for me to understand the Qty transactions)

Now I more clear about this…So I can try to find-out that from where this Zero comes… which is already appeared in my many Finished Items. So Its hard to find… but Now I more clear about Qty transactions… So I can try to solve out this as you said. Very Thanks…:grinning:

Start by going to a raw material inventory item that has had a negative quantity balance and then check the date order between the Purchase Invoices and the Production Orders transactions. When corrected (by changing the Production Order date) there should only be positive quantity balances displayed.

You can’t resolve it by looking at the Finished Good, as that is only showing the results/impacts from the raw material transactions.

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About our requirement of Inventory, to maintain minimum Qty.

i use the Quantity Movement report… by that we can easily find out which item was in Negative.
But its very hard to find Which Item are less in Minimum Required Qty.
Because we are in Electronics Manufacturing company… Some parts required 1000pcs as minimum, sum are 5000pcs as minimum… as some are only 5 or 10 pcs required as a minimum.
we required to maintain more then 250 Raw Parts (Approx 250 Raw Electronics Components at present…AND INCREASING…)… and each having a different minimum required Qty.

So for Us its very hard to maintain the minimum Qty of each RAW part by making a Quantity Movement Report. (You can Imagine, how we can manage >250 different Raw parts with different Minimum Requirements…Some needs in thousands and some needs in few…each parts needs different minimum maintaining Qty)
So If Manager Team Provide a Minimum required qty for each inventory Item, then that will be a best solution for all, to maintaining a minimum stock… without making a Qty Movement Report on Each Day and manual comparing.