Problem with inventory orders

as you can see in screenshot atached
in the begining i sold without having inventory on hand
and quantitis go negative and that is very normal
then i decided to add an inventory order to cover all the quantities i had sold
(scenario can be aplied in real live cause you sell then produce, client can prepaid all invoice and get it later)
after i add production orders all the invoicee dates change in the screen
if you open an invoice sale date is ok (thanks god) but in the
inventory items screen the dates change all
i tried 2 different dates for the production order
the date of the invoices change all after the production order
there are no negative quantities before
and this is not normal

You are looking at a list of inventory transactions, not sales invoices. The only reason the sales invoices are included is to show the source of the inventory movement.

In the first screen shot, your production order is 01/09/2018. Since Manager cannot move inventory you do not have, the inventory transaction dates are 01/09/2018, not the original sales invoice dates. In other words, the movement took place the day the production order was entered.

In the second screen shot, your production order is dated 01/01/2018. So you had inventory in stock when each sales invoice was created. Therefore, the inventory movement dates are the same as the sales invoice dates.

In the third screen shot, there is no production order, so you are just building a larger backlog, as of the sales invoice dates.

Everything is working normally. This is not a bug.

@Genti_Ge… if your inventory is negative, obviously you are selling more than production orders or available balance. In both cases, you will experience date of some entries different to your production date. Manager is trying to cope with the negative balances by posting those to unspecified locations. But, don’t worry, such weird behaviour of dates can be solved once enough quantities are available to offset the negative balance. To make sure, if similar scenario is occurring in your situation, go to reports inventory by location and check if you can find problematic inventory item in a auto created unspecified location

thanks @sonicgroup as i am new to production orders i havent noticed unspecified location i am grateful you put some light in this.

@Tut i see the logic in your answer but manager dont have to be so smart and move inventory when it want, it has no right to do it by itself. the negative balances have to stay there to keep track of everything and transparance it only have to keep balance in check positive or negative

another reason is you can check if you make mistakes in registering date of invoices
you can see negative you can correct and other scenarios

@Genti_Ge, please do not divert topics with unrelated subjects or questions. That prevents them from receiving attention. I am moving your bug report about unit names to a new topic.

wasnt my intention to divert topics, i just reported my findings to help the development and receive info,

is it possible to write off negative inventory balances?
have a fresh start without jeopardising sales and purchase invoices ?

Not with an inventory write-off, which can only be used to reduce inventory quantities. You must use a journal entry. But you cannot just change numbers without allocating their cost to an income account. Otherwise, you will have an unbalanced journal entry in Suspense.

Adjusting inventory will not affect sales and purchase invoices. But why do you want to do that? Based on your screen shots, the program is behaving correctly and handling backordered (negative) inventory as designed.

Yes, it does have to be so smart. Otherwise, you would be selling something that never exists. And if you look at your first screen shot, you will see that the negative quantities—the backlog—do not go away as a result of Manager’s actions. Remember, the dates you don’t like seeing are the record of when Manager was able to account for a sale, as stock levels were increased by the production order. The record of sales invoice issue dates is unchanged in the Sales Invoices tab. The tabs serve different purposes.