Inventory items transaction dates is not showing correct dates


I can see my sales invoices are with different dates
When I check through inventory items tab> select the quantity on hand blue number to check the transactions of it , all the transactions are shown as 30 Nov 2017.

But when I check my sales invoices are with different dates

You have not provided enough information to tell if anything is wrong. The screen shots do not include the same transaction numbers, so no date comparisons can be made. So give us new screen shots first.

Then, provide screen shots of the Edit screen for an invoice you believe is showing incorrectly.

this above picture is the actual sales invoice 210. actual date 09 nov 2017.

Below picture is wrong dates (30 nov 2017) shown for that exact same sales invoice 210. But if i click view button to open sales invoice it will show sales invoice like above picture with correct date

This indicates that when you created those invoices you were out of stock but when the stock was purchased (available) the sales were completed.

The invoices retain their original dates, but the inventory is dated when there is sufficient stock to satisfy those invoices. Did you have a Purchase Invoice dated Nov 30 for that inventory item ?

yes that is true.

Im trying to enter all the transactions from 1 nov 2017.

i understood the concept .

Thank you